IWISH Is Happy To Get Customers’ Feedback

Affected by  COVID-19, most of our customers’ business are largely cut down. Especially during the months from Feb to Apr, China all fishing factories getting the orders from overseas are also less than last year.

At the time of middle of Apr, situation gets better, and our orders are also more. Every day different  customers businessmen contact us. Some are our long-cooperating customers, and some are new customers.

We are glad that most of our fishing customers still in fishing field, and fishing business return to recover. IWISH’s goal is to help each fishing business customer  to grow up together, and get good profit in it.

On the 3rd of July, regular chatting with our customers, but a new customer find us. And he told us that he is also the fishing manufacture in USA, and he is told to contact us by his friends. And he is looking for custom fishing wire accessories on fishing sinker. After hearing this, and we are thankful for his friends, and this is not only once time get this feedback. But we know we still have many progress to do, to help each fishing man get fun in outdoor fishing.

Fishing now is not only by man, but many women, boys and girls also like fishing very much. When we see the smile on each person’s face, that time is the beautiful moment.

If you see this article, and also want to choose us as your fishing supplier in China, we are glad to talk with you for the fishing outfitters.

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