Best Fishing Outfitter Colors Super PE Braided Fishing Line For Bass


Sizes: 0.10mm to 1.80mm

Strands: 4X, 8X, 9X, 12X

Test: 8LB to 86 LB

Color: Multicolor, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Black, Grey, Blue, etc

Package:100m,1500m,300m,500m,1000m,2000m,3000m,5000m bulk spool (Logo can be printed)

See Following Fishing Line Braid Pros and Cons:

  • Braided fishing line, compared with a mono fishing line, is more sensitive to know when the fish is struggling with baits. Feathered with no stretch, very sensitive for fish biting baits, so almost using it in deep-sea fishing.
  • PE Braid Fishing line, made of synthetic Polyethylene Fiber material, keeping the same diameter, the strong get stronger.
  • Braided Fishing line is difficult to break, when snagged, the line can straighten hooks and retrieve the baits. So also the best choice for fishing in thick weed mats, anglers can pull the fish easier.
  • Braid Fishing line vs monofilament is a little expensive than a mono fishing line because it feather difficult to break with snagged. When on reel parts, friction can be caused. And in clear water, can be found by fish.
  • With technology improved, braided fishing lines get more smooth, high tensile, knot strength, visibility in topwater, and less visible beneath the water.
  • Braid small diameter and suppleness let fishing in deep water more naturally when hooked live baits, worms, or jigs. Better for hookset.
  •  Braided Fishing line also has stronger knots and longer-lasting. Less vulnerable to sunlight, seawater.