Brass Black Nickle Small Fishing Barrel Swivel With Safety Snap


Material: brass or stainless steel

Color: nickel, black nickel, brass (golden), and red

Sizes: from 24# to 5/0 (popular sizes sales are 1/0 barrel swivel and 3/0 barrel swivel)

Fish Species: Bass, Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook, Walleye, Redfish, Catfish, Tarpon, Cobia

Made In China

Directly Buy From Fishing Factory

Barrel Swivel With Safety Snap Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test
5/0 50kgs 1# 34kgs 6# 13kgs 11# 7kgs 20# 5kgs
4/0 50kgs 2# 15kgs 7# 13kgs 12# 7kgs 22# 3kgs
3/0 50kgs 3# 15kgs 8# 9kgs 14# 7kgs 24# 3kgs
2/0 34kgs 4# 15kgs 9# 9kgs 16# 5kgs
1/0 34kgs 5# 13kgs 10# 9kgs 18# 5kgs

Product Features:

  • IWISH fishing barrel swivel with safety snap, as a terminal tackle, is a must in rigging fishing. This swivel is attached to a solid ring and sure-lock snap.
  • It allows a quick change for fishing leaders or rigging lures baiting change easily and faster. Smooth designed for eliminating fishing line twists and move freely.
  • Fishing swivels are quality components and constructed with consistent performance.
  • It has some colors for choices: nickel finish, black nickel finish, and brass. Used in freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • Normally material and cheap is copper, if need highest strength and also can do all stainless steel material.