Brass Tube Sport Fishing Cross Line Crimpable Rolling Swivel For UK


Material: brass

Color: nickel, black nickel, brass (golden)

Sizes: from 12# to 2/0

Usage: fishing trace rigs

Package Design: available

Made In China

Cross-Line Crimp Rolling Swivel Size Chart:

Size Inner Hole Size Test
2/0 2.1mm 75kgs
1# 1.8mm 47kgs
3# 1.5mm 40kgs
5# 1.2mm 32kgs
7# 1mm 22kgs
10# 0.8mm 19kgs
12# 0.6mm 14kgs

Product Features:

  • It is constructed with a rolling swivel and brass tube combined together. As a fishing rigs component, and it is perfect for making fishing rigs, like flapper rigs and cod rigs.
  • When you attach this crimp swivel, please use a crimping plier. This will help to avoid damage to the fishing nylon line.
  • It is simple in place to fix snood for a small swivel accessory.
  • There are seven different sizes to fit your sea fishing rig’s demands.