Stainless Steel Powerful Black Nickel Fishing Rolling Swivels


Materialbrass or stainless steel

Color: nickel, black, brass (golden),red

Sizes: from 14# to 12/0

Application: any fishing needs

Made In China

Directly Buy From Fishing Factory

Fishing Rolling Swivel Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test
12/0 600kgs 4/0 135kgs 1# 47kgs 5# 32kgs 10# 14kgs
10/0 350kgs 3/0 100kgs 2# 43kgs 6# 30kgs 12# 9kgs
8/0 250kgs 2/0 75kgs 3# 40kgs 7# 22kgs 14# 4kgs
6/0 160kgs 1/0 60kgs 4# 35kgs 8# 19kgs


  • The rolling swivel can be made of brass material and high-level quality all stainless steel material. The SS material strength is much higher.
  • Smooth rotation to against line twist and tangles.
  • It is a small terminal tackle swivel for attaching two pieces of fishing line together.
  • There are several colors for choices, like nickel, black nickel (anti-corrosion), golden and red, etc.
  • Customs of different shapes are also available for fishing factories.