Factory Supply Fishing Barrel Swivel With Interlock Snap


Materialbrass or stainless steel

Color: nickel, black, brass (golden)

Sizes: from 24# to 5/0

Species: bass, walleye, redfish, snapper, trout, and catfish

Made In China

Directly Buy From Fishing Factory

Fishing Barrel Swivel With Interlock Snap Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test
5/0 50kgs 1# 43kgs 6# 18kgs 11# 12kgs 20# 6kgs
4/0 50kgs 2# 15kgs 7# 18kgs 12# 12kgs 22# 5kgs
3/0 50kgs 3# 15kgs 8# 14kgs 14# 10kgs 24# 4kgs
2/0 43kgs 4# 15kgs 9# 14kgs 16# 8kgs
1/0 43kgs 5# 18kgs 10# 14kgs 18# 7kgs

Product Features:

  1. Barrel swivel with interlock snap is strong, providing durable performance, and offers smooth action in order to reduce line twists or tangled.
  2. It is a small terminal tackle but will help you change your lure, baits, weights or sinkers and fishing leaders easier. Because the interlock snap is easy-on and easy-off.
  3. It is made from brass and has many breaking strengths for selection for your fishing line.
  4. Swivels and snaps are used in freshwater fishing or saltwater.
  5. Comes in nickle and black nickel finish more popular.