Freshwater Fishing Popular Cheap Blade Best Spinnerbaits For Bass


Weight:7g, 10g & 14g, 18g, 21g

Silicone SkirtsTilapia, Watermelon Red, Black Red Flash, and Black Widow, Blue Gill, Mad Craw, Orange Crush, Delta Red Crawler, Chartreuse White, Citrus Shad, Yellow Bird,  White Knight, White Shad, Threadfin Shad, Citrus Shad, Chartreuse/White, Sunfish, Chartreuse Shad, etc

Soon colorPlated spinner blades popular color: Nickle, gold, brass, copper, black nickel

  • The Spinner Bait is “v” shape, we use titanium wire leader, which is not easy to distorted, ready twist bend
  • Customize for your choice,1 spinner blade, double willow blades or 3 blades or triangle twister blade, etc
  • The Bait Rubber Skirts crafted, colorful can be chosen, and length for your favor. Custom Silicone Skirts hide the sharpest hook well.
  • Swivels are smooth and durable for your spinner bait sets.
  • Premium components. Tournament proven.
  • It mimics swimming perfectly in cool or murky water situation, attracting big fish. Blade Spinner Bait is versatile enough to fish year round. Also can popular in clear water.