Game Fishing Gear Supply AU Black Fishing Three Way Crane Swivel


Popular for a terminal tackle in rigs for drop and bottom fishing.

Material: brass

Color: nickel, black nickel

Sizes: 4/0+3/0,3/0+2/0,2/0+1/0,1/0+1,1+2,2+3,3+4,4+5,5+6,6+7,7+8,8+10

Species: halibut, shark etc.

Package Design: available

Made In China

Product Features:

  • This three-way crane swivel is combined with two quality crane swivels. And made from brass material.
  • It is much stronger than the traditional 3-way swivels.
  • With corrosion-resistant finish for tough water fishing conditions.
  • Spin freely and reduce line twist.
  • Have 12 sizes of different strength for wholesale fishing.