Hard Or Soft Oval Round Shapes Fishing Plastic Beads For Wholesale


Shape: Oval, Round, Cylinder

Material: PVC ( Soft & Hard)

Colors: Green, White, Pearl, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Dark, Luminous Red, Chartreuse, Black etc

Package: Bulk Bag or Polybag In 50pcs, 100pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs or blister packing etc

Come In A Variety Of Sizes And Colors!

1)Glow in the dark beads has widely usage. U can put it on lures, hook shanks, or fishing lines for an added fish attraction.

2)With high-quality satin 光泽finish.

3)Shapes are also more, u can select egg shapes more popular. Soft egg beads are a lifelike feel. It is a great salmon egg imitation. Easy to fish.

4)The glow green color stands out in fast-moving water.

5)The soft beads can let the fish hold longer on the hook