Jigging Salmon Leader Fishing Solid Ring Ball Bearing Swivel With Coastlock Snap


Material: brass or stainless steel

Color: nickel, black nickel

Sizes: 0# to 10#

Species: salmon, tuna big predator

Package Design: available

Made In China

Welded Ring Ball Bearing Swivel With Coastlock Snap Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test
10# 5# 55kgs 0# 8kgs
9# 4# 45kgs
8# 90kgs 3# 35kgs
7# 90kgs 2# 22kgs
6# 70kgs 1# 14kgs

Product Features:

  • It features a ball bearing swivel with welded solid ring on one end and s super strong secure coastlock snap clip on the other end.
  • There are 2 materials, one is brass and the other is high grade all stainless steel. Strength is more powerful.
  • Keeping line twist to the minimum and provide strong joins from mainline to leader.
  • It works well in game fishing. And avoid attacks from toothy predators.
  • High speed in trolling, jigging, and offshore fishing.