Salmon Multi Link Black Fishing High Speed Rolling Treble Swivel


Hi-Speed Rolling Treble Swivel Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test
12/0 600kgs 4/0 135kgs 1# 47kgs 5# 32kgs 10# 14kgs
10/0 350kgs 3/0 100kgs 2# 43kgs 6# 27kgs 12# 9kgs
8/0 250kgs 2/0 75kgs 3# 40kgs 7# 22kgs 14# 4kgs
6/0 160kgs 1/0 60kgs 4# 35kgs 8# 19kgs

Product Features:

  • IWISH supply terminal tackle solution in fishing. And the high-speed rolling swivel is a perfect product for fishing rigs.
  • With heavy-duty construction and high breaking strength.
  • It performs better than fishing ball bearing swivels in connecting fishing main line and a leader.
  • Black nickel color is the best choice for fishing anglers or pros.
  • It is available in many sizes.