Offshore Angler Fishing Two 7691S Small Big Game Hook Sets


7691S two hooksets is perfect for big game toothy saltwater fishing. OEM is acceptable and can get cheap price from China fishing factory direct.

Item No.: 7691STwin

Sizes: 1/0 to 13/0

Hook Material: Stainless Steel

Application: big game offshore fishing, trolling fishing

Made In China

7691S Big Game Hook Set Size Chart:

Size 6/0 7/0 8/0 9/0 10/0 11/0 12/0 13/0
Diameter 3.0mm 3.3mm 3.5mm 3.7mm 4.0mm 4.5mm 4.8mm 5.0mm
Height 51mm 57mm 68mm 75mm 82mm 92mm 105mm 125mm
Width 28mm 32mm 38mm 42mm 45mm 52mm 56mm 61mm
Total Length 15cm 15cm 15cm 19.5cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm 23cm
Net Weight 20.04g 25.84g 31.8g 39.7g 52.00g 62.60g 74.4g
  1. This hookset is equipped with 2 heavy duty stainless steel 7691S hooks, and black powerful cable wire connection.
  2. High quality made, and perfect for trolling lure fishing rigging. You just need to add bait to this rig.
  3. Hook sizes can OEM doing from 1/0 to 13/0.
  4. Hook shark point for good fishing, and barb can hold toothy fish more strong.