Salmon Stainless Steel Ring With Brass Fishing Three Way Swivels



Color: nickel, black, brass (golden)

Sizes: from 15# to 5/0

Application: drop fishing rigs or bottom rigs or trolling rigs

Made In China

Directly Buy From Fishing Factory

3-Way Fishing Swivel Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test
5/0 120kgs 1# 38kgs 6# 15kgs
4/0 75kgs 2# 34kgs 7# 13kgs
3/0 65kgs 3# 23kgs 8# 13kgs
2/0 57kgs 4# 21kgs 9# 11kgs
1/0 50kgs 5# 17kgs 10# 8kgs

Product Features:

  • This swivel is triangle style, one can be attached to the main fishing line and the other 2 ways serve as the connection for another line like sinkers, leaders. So it is a terminal tackle used for many fishing rigs when anywhere a three-way rig needed.
  • It is made of brass construction and like other swivels functions for reducing line twist.
  • The fishing three-way swivel can be used in many fishing applications. Like drop fishing, game fishing, or trolling fishing.
  • Colors have nickel, black nickel finish, and gold.