Supply Power Strength With Solid Ring Ball Bearing Swivel Fishing


1.Ball bearing swivel offer no-twist protection for saltwater game fishing and trolling fishing.

2.With 2 super strong welded rings, power is strong.

3.Made of brass material with stainless steel ring.

4.Nickle or Black Nickle Finished.

5. Made In China.

  • Compared with barrel swivel and crane swivel, ball bearing swivels are designed to withstand high forces, especially in game fishing.
  • Also, ball bearing swivels eliminate line twists and minimize fishing line fatigue and wear.
  • With ball bearings in for its design, so better than standard swivels in strength.
  • Ball bearing swivels’ smooth action allows for unobstructed line movement. So they can handle tremendous pressure from big fish without failing for friction.
  • Ball bearing bearings are the best terminal tackle available when you are targeting hard fighting fish. They will let u down.

Nickle, Black Nickle


Brass, Stainless Steel