Trout Fishing Rolling Swivel With Crosslock Snap For USA Company


Material: brass

Color: nickel, black nickel, brass (golden)

Sizes: from 14# to 4/0

Application: freshwater and saltwater fishing

Package Design: available

Made In China

Crosslock Snap Swivel Size Chart:

Size Test Size Test Size Test Size Test
4/0 90kgs 1# 55kgs 5# 30ksg 10# 10kgs
3/0 70kgs 2# 40kgs 6# 15kgs 12# 6kgs
2/0 70kgs 3# 40kgs 7# 15kgs 14# 4kgs
1/0 55kgs 4# 30kgs 8# 10kgs

Product Features:

  • This swivel has a premium fishing rolling swivel and then attached to a stainless steel cross lock snap to prevent line twist.
  • The cross lock snap can reduce accidental opening when fish fights.
  • Fishing is an enjoyable journey, and swivels and snaps can help you less time in tying. They can help to change lure quickly and easily.
  • We sell well for many leader rigging makers in the USA.
  • Available in a variety of sizes for fishermen at every level.